We believe that we will live in a world where we either share things or own things. We want to be the first platform for things you own - things you love - things that are worth maintaining for the next generation.

We are building a platform for premium and classic cars and want to later move into all things collectible. Our product wants to make digitally managing, as in maintaining, insuring, selling, buying and sharing a car more convenient and more enjoyable. It is important to understand here that we are not attempting to build a new car sales platform. Instead we want to make the buying and selling process more transparent, trustworthy and efficient for buyer and seller; no matter on what platform the sale takes place. We aim for a true value add of trust and traceability by having a digital, verified car profile.

As of now, with Gapless you can create meaningful profiles for each of your cars and enrich them with pictures, vehicle details and attached documents. Save car-related appointments in your timeline and set reminders while past appointments are automatically added to your car history. In the future we want to offer more third party services around your car in order to make it a one-stop-shop for your collectible.

Gapless reminds you of all important appointments related to your vehicle. If you are thinking about selling your car, you can create a digital vehicle exposé and send it out to potential buyers - saving yourself time and effort in the selling process.

Our business model does not entail selling your data or your digital profiles in any way. We want to build an engaging platform that users want to utilize frequently because it makes the management of their collectible commercially more attractive, their lives easier and decreases their time wasted on paperwork.  
While helping all relevant stakeholders connect on our platform, Gapless will potentially offer premium features and participate commercially when services are being requested or ordered.

We are taking data privacy extremely seriously and make sure that all of your data is encrypted and securely stored on European servers. Our systems are designed in a way that no third party can access or use your data. If you decide to stop using our services you can delete your account and all related data irretrievably.

Your opinion matters - we welcome any feedback!

You can send us your suggestions, experiences or new ideas at any time. We are happy to receive any kind of feedback. As a young company, feedback is of essential importance to us and we take all feedback about our product very seriously, and try to implement it as fast as possible.


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