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Registration & First steps

Confirming your email address lets us know that you are the owner of the email address you provided during the sign-up process.
You can increase the completion percentage by adding more information to your vehicles, such as vehicle details, timeline entries and expenses.
The KBA (Kraftfahrtbundesamt) number consists of the HSN (Hersteller-Schlüssel-Nummer) and the first three digits of the TSN (Typ-Schlüssel-Nummer). You can find the HSN in section 2.1 and the TSN in section 2.2 of your vehicle registration document.
The VIN is your Vehicle Identification Number. All vehicles are assigned one of these unique numbers. It's usually a 17-digit ID commonly found on the driver's side interior dash, door jamb or on title records.c
Please reach out to our support via and provide as much information about your vehicle as possible, we will look into this for you. Alternatively you can manually enter the details of your vehicle.
That means that the database unfortunately did not have any details for your car. Please enter the details of your vehicle manually instead.
Even if your model or make is not shown in the suggestions, you can add it to your Gapless garage. Simply enter the model and make manually and save it by clicking on the checkmark on the top right.

Garage Setup

You can edit your vehicle entry by clicking on the little crayon on the top right corner when looking at your vehicle overview page.
You can click on the vehicle in your garage you want to delete and scroll to the bottom. Here you will find the button 'Delete vehicle' to delete the complete vehicle profile. Please be aware that when performing that action, the vehicle information is deleted permanently and can't be recovered.
You can edit an entry in the vehicle profile under 'Vehicle history'. Click on the desired entry and click on 'Edit entry'.
You can delete entries in the vehicle profile under 'Vehicle history'. Click on the entry to be deleted, then on 'Edit entry'. Now you have the possibility to delete it by clicking the delete icon in the upper left corner.
You can edit entries with costs in the vehicle profile under 'Vehicle history'. Click on the desired entry and click on 'Edit entry'.
You can delete entries with costs in the vehicle profile under 'Vehicle history'. Click on the entry to be deleted, then on 'Edit entry'. Now you have the possibility to delete it by clicking the delete icon in the upper left corner.
You can easily delete uploaded documents directly in the vehicle profile under 'Vehicle history'. Click on the desired document and delete it.
Photos of your vehicles can directly be deleted in the gallery of each vehicle profile. Simply click on the header image in the specific vehicle profile or click on 'Gallery'. Choose the photo that you would like to delete and click on it. On the top left you will find a small delete symbol to click on.
At the moment, we don't actively support any type of vehicle other than cars. That being said, you can still add other vehicles to your garage. You will simply not have some of the specific fields for motorcycles, boats, etc. and there will be no auto suggestions. We are soon planning to expand into other verticals and we will keep you up to date as soon as we have a roll out date.
Great that you already have your documents on your laptop. That makes the completion of your profile even faster. Simply log in on the desktop version via: and upload the documents. Due to multi-device-synchronization you can access and update your Gapless profile and update data wherever you are.
We're working on a way to make your life even easier by adding a feature that allows users to import digital data from existing files created prior to downloading the Gapless App. Since this is a work in progress we cannot give you a timeline on when this will be implemented. Please keep updating the app to see when this feature will be added. If you wish to save time and let us do the work, you can send your available documentation to us and we can digitise it for you for a small fee. Please feel free to reach out via for more information on this service.
If you don't find your specific equipment in the suggestions, you can still add this manually by typing in your equipment, clicking on the plus sign icon on the right side of the text field and saving your changes.
Adding documents to your profile is a great way to enrich it further. They can be easily added when creating any new entry by clicking "add document" in the flow. Alternatively you can click on "Add document" on Home. If you want to add a document to an existing entry you can do that in the vehicles history of the vehicles profile. Click on the specific event, then the pencil to edit on the top right and add the document.


Simply change your email address under 'My profile' on your 'Desk'. Click the edit pencil on the top right, edit the email address and save the changes.
"Confirmation pending" means that you have not verified your email address yet. Please check your inbox and verify your address by clicking on the button in the welcome mail. This way we can make sure, that the email address really belongs to you and can then verify your account. If you cannot find the verification mail anymore, you can easily resend it. If you have not yet verified your email, there is a big, yellow banner on your 'Home' screen with a button to signal us to resend the mail.
Simply click on 'forgot password?' below the log in fields, add the email address with which you registered and we will send you an email so that you can change your password.
Go to 'My profile' on your 'Desk'. Under "Preferences" you can choose your language.
You can change the currency any time on your profile section with ease. You will find 'My profile' on your desk. Under "Preferences" you can change the currency to your preferred one.

Data Privacy

We are taking data privacy extremely seriously and make sure that all of your data is encrypted and securely stored on European servers. Our systems are designed in a way that no third party can access or use your data. If you decide to stop using our services you can delete your account and all related data irretrievably.


We are very happy to receive your feedback and feature ideas. Please reach out to us via and provide all the great ideas about features and feedback you want to share. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
You can share the vehicle profile by going to any of your vehicles and clicking on "Share profile". Choose which details you want to share and for how long you want the shared profile to be valid for and finish the process by clicking on "Share profile". Once finished, you can view your vehicle profile by clicking on "Preview". You can share your vehicle profile with a link by clicking on "Copy" in order to copy the link to your vehicle profile.
At the moment we don't support imports from third party apps. We are preparing this feature but we need your input which third party apps you would like to see integrated. Please share your preferences with us via
Although our database to track the value of vehicles is continuously growing, we cannot determine the value of all make and models yet. We are happy to tell you that we are expanding the database frequently, so the value tracker will also be available for more brands in the future.
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